Error Coins List #1 – Lincoln Cents

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This is a short list of valuable error coins.  All of these error coins are Lincoln Cents.  We only give you a few at a time, this way you are not overloaded with information!  This list will show you what to look for and also how much money you will make when you find these valuable error coins!

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Lincoln Cents - Error Coins List #1

We always have people asking, “Which coins will make me rich?” and “What coins do I look for?”



You asked…. and we delivered!   


This is a short list of extremely valuable error coins that you can search for while looking through your change.  This list just focuses on a few coins, this way you are not overwhelmed with information.  The list also only contains Lincoln Cents that are worth money.  We keep it nice and simple. 

Learn what to look for when searching through your pennies!   Also, find out how much money you could make when you find these valuable error coins!   





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