2013 P Dime Dual Missing Clad Layer Beautiful Rainbow Color

$900.00 $500.00

2013 Dime Error Coin- Missing Clad Layer


This is one of the most amazing error coins I have ever seen!  Besides the beautiful colors on the coin, there is a doubled image.  I can’t make out exactly what it is but it is interesting. This is a beautiful coin that would be a great addition to any collection!



This is the coolest error coin I have ever found


2013 Dime Dual Missing Clad Layer!  Beautifully toned coin!



This is one of the most beautiful dimes I have ever encountered in my life!  It is a dual missing clad layer and there are not many of these errors out there at all!  It is only partially missing the clad layer but this coin is one of a kind!


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