1995 – D Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse DDO-003

$1,200.00 $700.00

This is the 1995 D Lincoln Cent Double Die Obverse DDO-003.  It is listed in the Cherrypickers Guide for $500 in MS-65 condition.  My guess on the grade of this coin is it’s possibly in better shape than 65!  So the value of this coin is going to skyrocket once it’s graded!

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1995-D Lincoln Cent Doubled Die Obverse DDO-003



1995 d doubled die obverse



This is the 1995-D Lincoln Cent Doubled Die.  The coin is listed as FS-01-1995D-103 and also DDO-003.  Even though this coin is not that old (almost 25 years old) it is still pretty valuable.  You can learn all about the 1995-D Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent at Rich Off Error Coins.  Register for a free membership to learn more!



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The 1995 D Lincoln Cent DDO that is for sale is pictured below. 

The picture above is the stock photo of a MS-67 Red 1995 D Lincoln Cent Doubled Die error.   In my opinion… ours is a better looking coin! 



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