1994 Lincoln Cent Error Coin – Doubled Die and Missing Copper Plating

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1994 Lincoln Cent Error Coin with Multiple Errors!



This 1994 Lincoln Cent error coin contains multiple errors.  Besides it being a doubled die, it is also missing the copper coating that usually covers the outside of the zinc coin.  This is why it has the dark color instead of the usual copper color.  The coin weighs 2.45 grams and is ungraded.  Buy it now and own a one of a kind error coin that no one else will have! 



1994 Lincoln Cent Error Coin – Multiple Errors!  Doubled Die and Missing Copper Plating

1994 Lincoln Cent error coin



This is a 1994 Lincoln Cent error coin with multiple errors.  Error coins like this are few and far between.   This would be a great addition to any collection.

This coin features doubling on the reverse side of the coin.  This is not the doubled die out of the Cherrypickers’ Guide, but James Wiles has this variety listed on his site, “Variety Vista”.  There is a light spread on AMERICA, the designer’s initials, and CENT.

This coin also has very strong doubling on the O of ONE.  I am not sure if this is classified as a different doubled die or not.  It has all the doubling of the DDR-002 on Variety Vista, but it also has extra doubling.    It could just be an early die state and the one on Variety Vista is the later die state.

Either way you look at it, it’s definitely a doubled die error coin.

Besides the doubling on this 1994 Lincoln Cent error coin, you can see the coin is a much different color than a normal penny.  This is because the coin is missing it’s outer layer of copper coating.   Many people refer to this type of error as an “unplated zinc” error.   This makes for a very interesting piece.  Any serious collector would love to own this one of a kind error coin.

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