1970 S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent FS-01-1970S-101

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The 1970 S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent FS-01-1970S-101

This is the 2nd rarest doubled die error in the Lincoln Cent collection.  The 1958 Doubled die is 1st with only 2 or 3 known examples.  Check out the page about the 1970 S doubled die penny at Rich Off Error Coins to learn all about this amazing error coin!  Register for an account at Rich Off Error Coins to learn error coins!


This coin has a book value of $18,000 in MS-65 condition.  This coin is raw and ungraded but I guarantee it will receive a very high grade when you get it graded.  Product image and gallery photos are of the exact coin you will receive.  This coin will be worth much more money once it is graded!  So, buy it now while you can still get it for under $100k because I expect this coin’s value to skyrocket in the near future!

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1970 S Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent



The 1970 s doubled die obverse Lincoln Cent is the second rarest doubled die out of all the Lincoln Cent collection!  Therefore, not many people own one of these amazing error coins!  You could be one of those lucky few who own a 1970 s doubled die right now! 


Check out the huge spread on the lettering!  This is a very highly coveted doubled die!  Check out our post on the 1970 S doubled die obverse penny which you can find here!  Learn all about this error and more at Rich Off Error Coins!  


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